How Do You Use Symbols in Figma?

Using symbols in Figma is an effective way to quickly create designs and save time. Symbols are reusable components that can be used to create a design, then quickly changed with just a few clicks.

Symbols can be used to create repeatable elements like buttons, menus, and page layouts. They are also useful for creating iconography, illustrations, and typography.

Symbols can be used in Figma in a variety of ways. Firstly, they can be created from existing elements such as shapes or text frames.

These elements can then be combined into larger components for use in your design. Secondly, symbols can also be created by combining multiple objects into a single component. This is useful when you want to create complex elements such as logos or illustrations.

Once symbols have been created they can be reused throughout the design process. This saves time by avoiding the need to recreate the same elements over again. Symbols also enable you to quickly apply changes across multiple instances of an element with just one click.

Using Symbols

To use symbols in Figma simply select the symbol tool from the toolbar and drag it onto your canvas. Then select an existing symbol from the library or create a new one using existing objects on your canvas.

Once you have chosen a symbol it will appear on your canvas and you can begin customising it using the properties panel on the right-hand side of your screen. To edit a symbol instance simply double-click it and make changes using the properties panel.

You can also link symbols together so that changes made to one instance will automatically update any linked instances. This is especially useful when creating complex designs with multiple components like menus or page layouts.


Symbols in Figma are powerful tools that enable designers to quickly create designs while saving time. They are reusable components that allow designers to easily apply changes across multiple instances and link them together so that updates are automatically applied across all linked elements. By taking advantage of all that symbols offer, designers can streamline their workflow and focus on creating great designs faster than ever before!