How Tall Is Guts Figma?

Guts Figma is a popular Japanese action figure based on the manga character from the hit series Berserk. The figma was released by Max Factory in 2008 and has since then become a fan favorite. Guts Figma stands at an impressive 150mm tall, which is approximately 5 inches, making him one of the tallest figures in the line.

The Figma Guts figure features excellent articulation and detail. Its sculpting captures all the details of Guts’ muscular body, including his long flowing hair and his signature armor.

His armor is made up of multiple parts that can be detached and put back together, giving it a sense of realism with its weight and texture. The armor pieces are also highly detailed, with cloth-like texture representing different materials like leather or metal.

The Figma Guts action figure also comes with several accessories such as swords, shields, and a cape that can be attached to the figure. These accessories also capture Guts’ iconic look from the manga series with their fine detailing. The figma also comes with interchangeable hands so that you can pose him in different positions for dynamic poses or even recreate scenes from the manga or anime series!

Overall, Guts Figma is one of the most detailed and tallest figures in Max Factory’s line of action figures. His impressive size makes him stand out among other figures and his multiple accessories help bring him to life. So if you’re looking for an amazing action figure that looks just like Guts from Berserk then Guts Figma is definitely worth checking out!

Conclusion: How Tall Is Guts Figma? The highly detailed and articulated Guts Figma stands at an impressive 150mm tall (approx 5 inches) making it one of the tallest figures in Max Factory’s line of action figures!