How Tall Is the Deku Figma?

Figma is the popular line of action figures produced by Max Factory, a Japanese manufacturer. The series features highly detailed and articulated figures based on characters from various anime, manga, and video games.

One of the most popular characters in this series is Deku from the popular manga and anime My Hero Academia. Fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the release of a Deku Figma since it was first announced in 2018.

The Deku Figma stands at a total height of 6.7 inches (17 cm). It is made out of PVC plastic, which gives it a high level of detail and stability.

The figure has many points of articulation, including in its arms, legs, hands and head. This allows for a wide range of poses to be recreated with it. It also comes with several accessories such as interchangeable faces, hands, and additional parts to further customize it.

This figure has been highly anticipated by fans due to its accurate representation of Deku in his superhero form. It features his signature red costume with its black stripes as well as his iconic mask and gloves. The level of detail on this figure is impressive and it truly captures the spirit of My Hero Academia.

Overall, the Deku Figma stands at an impressive 6.7 inches tall (17 cm). It is made out of PVC plastic for added stability and detail along with a wide range of points for articulation that allow for more dynamic poses to be created with it. Furthermore, the figure includes several accessories such as interchangeable faces and hands that further enhance its customizability.


The Deku Figma stands at 6.7 inches tall (17 cm) making it an impressive figure for any fan looking to add an accurate representation of Deku to their collection. With its PVC plastic construction providing excellent detail and stability as well as its wide range articulation points allowing for dynamic poses to be recreated with it, this figure is sure to delight fans everywhere.