Is Canva Pro Different From Premium?

Canva Pro vs Canva Premium: What’s the Difference?

Canva is a popular online design platform used by millions of people around the world to create stunning graphics, presentations, and more. It has two subscription tiers—Canva Pro and Canva Premium—both of which offer a range of features and benefits.

Both Canva Pro and Canva Premium offer unlimited storage, access to millions of photos, illustrations, templates, tools, and fonts. The main difference between the two tiers is in their focus. Canva Pro is designed for professional graphic designers and teams who need advanced features such as Brand Kit for branding assets, Custom Fonts for custom fonts, Magic Resize for resizing graphics quickly and easily, Collaboration for working with team members on projects in real-time, Layout Suggestions for automatically creating layouts from photos and text, Advanced Design Tools such as grids and masks, and more.

On the other hand, Canva Premium is designed for hobbyists or individuals who need access to professional-level features but don’t necessarily need all the advanced tools that come with Canva Pro. It includes access to exclusive photos from Getty Images as well as hundreds of premium templates for creating logos and flyers.

It also includes video editing capabilities so users can create animated videos with music tracks or voiceovers. And finally it includes special discounts on premium elements like stock photos or music tracks.

So while both tiers provide excellent features that can help you create beautiful graphics quickly and easily, they each have a different focus depending on your needs. If you’re a professional designer or working on a team project then Canva Pro might be right for you; if you’re just looking to enhance your skills or make some fun projects then Canva Premium could be the perfect fit.

Conclusion: Is Canva Pro different from Premium? Yes!

Canva Pro provides a suite of advanced tools that are specifically geared towards professional graphic designers and teams while Canva Premium offers exclusive photos from Getty Images as well as hundreds of premium templates specifically designed for hobbyists or individuals. Ultimately it depends on your individual needs when deciding which tier would be best suited for you.