Is Figma Compatible With Big Sur?

Figma has been one of the most popular design tools in recent years due to its easy-to-use interface and robust features. With its wide range of features, Figma is an excellent choice for any designer looking for a powerful design tool. However, one of the biggest questions that many have had is whether or not Figma is compatible with Big Sur.

The good news is that Figma is indeed compatible with Big Sur. The developers at Figma have worked hard to make sure that their software works on the latest macOS version and the experience should be seamless for users. It should also be noted that Figma also supports previous versions of macOS as well, so no matter what version of macOS you are running, you should be able to use Figma without any issues.

One of the advantages of using Figma on Big Sur is that it comes with a number of new features and improvements. For example, Big Sur now allows users to take advantage of native dark mode support, which was previously not available in Figma. Additionally, there are now more customization options available which allow users to customize their workspace and make it their own.

In addition to being fully compatible with Big Sur, Figma also offers great performance when running on the latest operating system. This is because the developers have optimized their software to take full advantage of all the new features found in Big Sur. As such, users can expect smooth performance while using Figma on their Macs.


Yes, Figma is fully compatible with Apple’s latest operating system – Big Sur. It comes with a host of new features and improvements that make it an even more powerful design tool than ever before. Additionally, since it has been optimized for use on Big Sur, users can expect great performance when running the software on their Macs.