Is Figma Prototype Free?

Figma is a popular prototyping tool used by designers and teams around the world. It is a powerful and easy to use platform that allows users to quickly create designs, prototype them, collaborate with others, and share their work online. Figma’s powerful design tools combined with its intuitive interface make it a great choice for anyone looking to create beautiful designs and prototypes.

Figma has two main plans – Free and Pro. The free plan allows users to create unlimited prototypes, collaborate with up to 2 people, and access all of Figma’s design features. The Pro plan offers additional features such as unlimited collaborators, advanced features like custom fonts, web export, and more.

Figma’s free plan is the perfect choice for individuals or small teams looking to get started with their prototyping projects. With no upfront cost or long-term commitment required, it’s an affordable way to explore the prototyping process without having to invest in costly software licenses.

Figma also offers several helpful resources such as tutorials, templates, and community support. These resources make it easy for users of any level of experience to quickly learn the basics of using Figma and start creating prototypes right away.


Yes, Figma Prototype is free! With the free plan you can create unlimited prototypes and collaborate with up to 2 people.

The Pro plan has additional features but if you are just getting started then the Free plan is perfect for you. You can also take advantage of helpful resources such as tutorials, templates, and community support which makes it even easier to get started with your project.