Is Figma Wireframe Free?

Figma Wireframe is an online design tool that allows users to quickly create wireframes and prototypes for their projects. It is a simple and powerful tool that helps users to quickly create wireframes for their projects in a matter of minutes.

Figma Wireframe has a wide range of features including drag-and-drop elements, customizable components, vector-based graphics, collaboration tools, and more.

Figma Wireframe is free to use for anyone that wishes to create basic wireframes. This allows users to quickly get started with the basics of creating prototypes without having to pay for any additional features or services.

With the free version of Figma Wireframe, users can easily create basic wireframes for their projects with all the elements they need. They can also access the collaboration tools and customize components as they see fit.

The free version of Figma Wireframe also offers some additional features such as custom templates, project management capabilities, and access to the Figma community. These features are available at no additional cost and help users get the most out of their wireframing experience.

On top of this, Figma also provides an extensive library of assets such as icons, images, illustrations, and more which can be used in your wireframes at no extra cost. This makes it easy for users to quickly find what they need without having to search through multiple websites.


Yes, Figma Wireframe is free for basic usage. It offers all the essentials required for creating basic wireframes along with additional features such as custom templates, project management capabilities and access to the Figma community at no extra cost making it an ideal choice for those just getting started with prototyping their ideas without having to spend any money on tools or services.