Is There an Eyedropper Tool in Figma?

The Eyedropper Tool is an essential feature of any design software. It allows users to quickly match the color of existing elements within a design.

As a result, it can be an invaluable tool for creating cohesive and visually appealing designs.

Figma is no exception when it comes to having the Eyedropper Tool as part of its arsenal. Figma is a powerful online design platform that is becoming increasingly popular among digital designers.

It offers several helpful features for creating and editing designs, including the Eyedropper Tool.

The Eyedropper Tool in Figma gives users access to all the colors that are used in the project they are working on. This makes it much easier to match existing colors within a design, and also to create new color palettes.

The tool allows users to select any color from their project and then apply it to another element within the same project. It also offers advanced features such as blending multiple colors together and applying custom tints and shades.

In addition, Figma’s Eyedropper Tool has some unique features that help make working with color in designs even easier. For example, users can create custom palettes by selecting multiple colors from their project at once, or they can save their most-used colors for quick access later on.


Yes, there is an Eyedropper Tool in Figma that provides designers with powerful tools for working with color in their projects. This tool makes it easy for users to quickly match existing colors or create custom palettes, as well as apply tints and shades to their designs.