Is There an Icon Library in Figma?

The Figma design tool is quickly becoming the top choice for designers who want to create user interfaces and product designs. It offers an intuitive, yet powerful user experience that makes prototyping, building and editing designs a breeze.

But one of the features that sets Figma apart from other design tools is its Icon Library.

The Icon Library in Figma is a collection of high-quality icons and illustrations to help you create stunning UI designs. It includes icons from popular icon sets such as Font Awesome, Material Design Icons, and Tailwind CSS Icons. The library also includes illustrations from popular Illustrators such as Undraw and Unsplash.

Using the Icon Library, you can quickly add icons to your design without having to manually search for them online or create them yourself. You can even customize each icon by changing its color, size, and orientation. This makes it easy to match the look of your design with the overall theme of your website or app.

The library also makes it easy to keep track of which icons you’ve used in your designs. You can search for a specific icon by typing in keywords or browsing through categories like “People” or “Animals”. This makes it easier to reuse icons across different projects.

In conclusion, the Figma Icon Library is an amazing resource for designers who need access to high-quality icons and illustrations quickly and easily. With this library, you can create stunning designs without having to manually search for individual icons online or spend time creating them yourself. So yes – there is an Icon Library in Figma!