What Does Canva Premium Include?

Canva Premium is an affordable, easy to use design subscription that gives users access to thousands of creative templates, images and tools. It can be used to create beautiful designs quickly and easily in minutes. With Canva Premium, you get a range of features that make it easier to design stunning visuals for any project.

Unlimited Storage: Canva Premium offers unlimited storage for all your designs and photos. This means you can store all your creations without having to worry about running out of space. You can also easily share projects with colleagues and clients without worrying about the file size.

Premium Graphics: With Canva Premium, you get access to over one million premium graphics from top designers around the world. These graphics are perfect for creating logos, flyers, advertisements, presentations and more. And with new graphics added every week, you’ll always have something fresh to work with.

Collaborative Features: With Canva Premium’s collaboration features, you can easily collaborate on projects with other team members or freelancers in real-time. This makes it easier to work together on a project without having to send back and forth multiple versions of the same document.

Premium Fonts: Canva Premium also includes over 800 premium fonts which are perfect for creating beautiful typography designs. These fonts are handpicked by professional typographers and come in a variety of styles so you can find one that fits your brand.


Canva Premium is an affordable subscription that provides users with access to unlimited storage, an extensive library of premium graphics from top designers around the world, collaborative features for easy collaboration on projects with team members or freelancers and 800+ premium fonts for creating beautiful typography designs. All this makes it simple for anyone to create stunning visuals quickly and easily.