What Does the Pen Tool Do in Figma?

The Pen Tool in Figma is a versatile tool that is used to create vector shapes, lines, and paths. It can be used to draw anything from basic shapes to complex illustrations. The Pen Tool provides a wide range of features that allow you to create precise vector shapes quickly and easily.

The Pen Tool in Figma offers two different modes: Vector Mode and Pen Mode. Vector Mode allows you to draw paths using points, lines, and curves. You can customize the points by adding or deleting them and adjusting their position, size, and direction.

You can also use the Pen Tool to select objects for editing or deleting them.

Pen Mode on the other hand offers more precision when creating shapes with its advanced features such as the “Snap to Grid” option which lets you accurately place points on a grid. It also has an “Auto-Close” option which automatically closes any open paths when you draw them. Additionally, you can adjust the properties of each node point such as its radius, angle, and color.

The Pen Tool in Figma also has a variety of tools that help speed up your workflow such as the ability to duplicate shapes or objects with one click and the ability to quickly align objects on a canvas. It also has an array of shape tools that make it easy to create circles, rectangles, stars, hearts and other shapes with just a few clicks.


The Pen Tool in Figma is an incredibly powerful tool for creating vector graphics quickly and easily. With its wide range of features such as Vector Mode for drawing paths using points and lines and Pen Mode for more precise control over each node point’s properties, the Pen Tool makes it easy for people to create professional looking graphics in no time at all!