What Font Is Like Handwriting in Canva?

Handwriting fonts, sometimes referred to as script fonts, are a popular choice for adding a personal touch to designs. They’re perfect for creating logos, invitations, business cards and more. In the online design platform Canva, there are plenty of options when it comes to handwriting fonts.

The first option you’ll come across is the font selection menu. Here you can choose from a range of handwriting fonts including cursive and calligraphy styles. You can refine your search further by choosing from specific categories such as ‘Handwritten’ or ‘Script’.

This makes it easy to find the perfect handwriting font for your project.

Canva also offers a selection of Premium Fonts which are unique and offer more design flexibility. These fonts are often inspired by traditional handwriting styles but with an added modern twist. These fonts look especially great when used in logos or headlines on posters and flyers.

If you want to make your design even more personalised, Canva has some great options for adding your own handwritten text. You can use the ‘Handwriting tool’ which allows you to type in text and have it appear as if it had been written with a pen or pencil. This is perfect for creating cards or invitations with a handwritten message.

Finally, Canva also provides some great tools for designing handwriting effects using existing fonts. The ‘Text Effects’ tool allows you to add texture and depth to your text by adding shadows, outlines and textures. You can also use the ‘Typography’ tool to create lettering effects such as bold strokes and curved lines.


Canva provides an extensive range of handwriting fonts that are perfect for creating unique designs with a personal touch. There are plenty of options from regular cursive styles to Premium Fonts that offer more design flexibility.

Additionally, users can also create their own handwritten text using the Handwriting Tool or add special effects using the Text Effects and Typography tools. With so many features available in Canva, there is no limit to what you can create!