What Font Is Similar to Century Gothic in Canva?

Century Gothic is an iconic typeface that has been widely used over the years in print and digital media. It is a sans-serif font, meaning it does not have decorative elements or serifs, and its modern look makes it perfect for any design project.

It is easy to read and can be used for both body text and headlines. However, if you’re looking for a font similar to Century Gothic, there are other options available in Canva.

Roboto is a modern font that was created by Google and comes with many of their products. It has a geometric design that makes it suitable for both small text sizes and large titles.

It also has multiple weights, which can be used to create contrast within a design. Roboto is great for those who want something similar to Century Gothic but with a more modern feel.

Open Sans is another sans-serif font that has become quite popular in recent years. Its design draws inspiration from both traditional typefaces like Garamond and humanist sans-serifs like Gill Sans.

Open Sans has a neutral feel that makes it great for body copy and headlines alike. The various weights give the typeface versatility, which makes it ideal for any project.

Arial is an old standby when it comes to fonts. While not as modern as some of the other options available in Canva, Arial still holds up as a reliable choice when you need something similar to Century Gothic but don’t want to use the same typeface everyone else uses. Arial has multiple weights, so it can be used in different sizes without losing its legibility.


Century Gothic is an iconic typeface that can be used for any design project but if you’re looking for something similar there are other options available in Canva such as Roboto, Open Sans and Arial which all offer something slightly different but still have the same core characteristics as Century Gothic.