What Fonts Are in Canva?

Canva is a popular design platform used by businesses and individuals to create professional-looking graphics for social media, websites, presentations, and other marketing materials. Canva offers a variety of fonts that can be used to make sure your design looks great.

Canva offers both free fonts and premium fonts. The free fonts are available to all users without any additional cost, while the premium fonts require an upgrade in order to use them.

The selection of free fonts includes classic font families such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Georgia; script fonts such as Lobster and Pacifico; handwriting fonts such as Great Vibes and Dancing Script; display fonts such as Impact and Rockwell; and many more.

The premium font library includes more than 1,000 premium typefaces from some of the world’s top type foundries including Monotype, Adobe Fonts, Linotype, FontFont, and House Industries. With this selection of high-quality typefaces you can choose from a wide range of styles including serifs, sans-serifs, scripts, monospaced typesetting, modernist designs, novelty lettering styles and more.

How to Use Fonts in Canva

Using the font library in Canva is easy! All you have to do is select one of the available fonts from the drop-down menu or search for a specific font by name or category.

Once you’ve chosen your desired font you can customize it further by adjusting its size and color.

Canva also provides tools for creating custom text effects such as drop shadows, outlines and textures which can be applied to any text element in your design. With these tools you can add extra dimension to your design and make it stand out even more.


Canva offers a wide variety of both free and premium fonts that can be used to create professional looking designs quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for classic typefaces or modern designs there are plenty of options available in the Canva font library so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.