What Fonts Go Well Together on Canva?

When it comes to creating graphic designs, choosing the right fonts is essential. The font you choose should be able to express the tone of your message, as well as be aesthetically pleasing.

With so many fonts available, it can be difficult to know which ones go together well. Fortunately, Canva has a range of tools and resources that can help you combine fonts in ways that complement each other.

When selecting fonts for your Canva designs, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, think about what kind of message you are trying to convey.

Are you trying to create a professional look or something more playful? Once you have an idea of what kind of tone you want to create, then you can start looking at font combinations.

The best way to combine fonts is by using contrast. Contrasting fonts give a design balance and interest, while still keeping it cohesive.

For example, if you are combining two serif fonts (fonts with “feet” or small lines at the end of each letter), make sure one is bold and one is thin. This will help ensure that the two font styles don’t blend together too much.

Another way to combine fonts on Canva is by pairing script and serif fonts together. Script fonts have a more elegant feel than serif fonts and can add a touch of sophistication when paired with a more traditional serif font. When combining script and serif font styles, make sure they don’t clash in terms of size or weight.

In addition to using contrasting font styles and weights, another way to ensure your font combinations look good is by using similar colors for both typefaces. This will help keep your design looking cohesive without taking away from the individual character of each font.

Choosing the right combination of fonts for Canva designs can be tricky but with some careful planning and consideration it’s possible to create beautiful designs that make an impact. The best way to do this is by using contrast between different font styles such as script and serif or bold and thin text weights. Additionally, try using similar colors for both typefaces in order to keep your design looking cohesive without taking away from its individual character.