What Is Figma and InVision?

Figma and InVision are two popular user experience design tools that enable designers to create interactive prototypes and websites, as well as share them with clients. Both tools are designed to help designers build digital products quickly and efficiently while providing feedback and insights from users.


Figma is a powerful browser-based design tool that allows designers to create digital products from scratch or using existing templates. With Figma, designers have access to a vast library of components, as well as the ability to collaborate with others in real-time on the same project. Additionally, Figma offers advanced features such as motion design capabilities, prototyping tools, an extensive plugin marketplace and more.


InVision is a comprehensive user experience design platform that helps designers rapidly prototype their ideas. InVision’s features include an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, collaboration tools, asset libraries, version control capabilities and more. Additionally, InVision makes it easy to present designs through its interactive prototypes that can be tested by stakeholders in real-time.


Figma and InVision are two powerful user experience design solutions that enable designers to create interactive prototypes and websites quickly and efficiently. Both tools provide a wide range of features for collaboration, prototyping and version control—making them essential for the modern designer’s workflow.