What Is New in Figma Update?

Figma’s newest update has been long awaited by many of the design community, and it’s finally here! This update includes a slew of new features and bug fixes that will help Figma users create better designs faster. Some of the new features include:

New Design System:

Figma’s design system is now much more powerful, thanks to the introduction of components. These components are customizable, reusable elements that can be used to quickly create complex designs. Components are also synced over devices, so users don’t have to recreate them each time they switch between their desktop and mobile devices.

Improved Performance:

The Figma team has worked hard to improve the overall performance of the software. File sizes have been reduced, meaning quicker loading times for designs.

There have also been some improvements in rendering time for complex shapes and effects. This makes Figma even faster for designers.

New Collaboration Tools:

Figma now also comes with collaboration tools like commenting and version control. With these tools, teams can easily keep track of changes in a project, making it easier to collaborate on projects.

New Plugins:

Figma now supports plugins! These plugins can be used to extend Figma’s functionality and make it easier to use with other applications or services. For example, there is a plugin for Slack that allows teams to easily communicate about their projects directly from within Figma.


The new features in this update make Figma even more powerful than before. Designers can now work faster and more efficiently thanks to improved performance and collaboration tools. Plus, with plugins users can further extend the functionality of Figma for their needs.

Overall, this update provides a great set of tools for designers who want to create beautiful designs with ease.