What Is Smart Selection in Figma?

What is Smart Selection in Figma?

Smart Selection in Figma is a powerful feature that helps you quickly select and manipulate multiple objects at once.

It allows you to quickly select multiple objects by simply clicking and dragging your mouse cursor or using keyboard shortcuts. You can also use Smart Selection to quickly resize, rotate, and apply effects to the objects. This makes it easy to quickly adjust your designs and make changes on the fly without having to manually select each object.

Smart Selection works by recognizing patterns in the objects you’ve selected and automatically selecting all similar objects in your design. For example, if you select a group of text boxes, it will recognize that they are all text boxes and select all of them for you. Similarly, if you select a group of shapes, it will recognize that they are all shapes and select them all for you.

Smart Selection also has some advanced features that allow you to customize the selection process further. You can define rules based on the type of object (e.g., text boxes), its color, size, or position relative to other elements on the canvas. This allows for a more precise selection process and makes it easier to manage complex designs with many elements.

In addition to selecting multiple objects at once, Smart Selection also allows you to quickly create styles from existing selections. This is especially helpful when designing with consistent visual styles or creating consistent spacing across elements on the canvas. With this feature, you can easily apply styles such as color fills or shadows to several elements at once without having to manually copy paste each style onto each element individually.

Smart Selection is an incredibly powerful tool in Figma that can save designers time when working with complex designs or applying consistent styles across different elements on the canvas. It simplifies the selection process while providing more precise control over what gets selected and how those selections are applied across multiple elements at once.


In conclusion, Smart Selection in Figma is a powerful tool that helps designers quickly select multiple objects for manipulation and styling purposes without having to manually copy/paste every element individually. It recognizes patterns within selections for faster workflow execution and custom rules can be set for more precise control over which items are selected and how they are styled across different elements on the canvas.