What Is the Difference Between Free and Pro Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design platform that makes it easy for the non-designers to create beautiful visuals. It provides a wide range of templates and tools that can help users to create stunning designs quickly and effortlessly.

The Canva platform offers two options; free and Pro. The free version is great for beginners as it gives them access to many features like templates, customization tools, color palettes, fonts and more. Users can also upload their own images to customize their designs further.

With the Pro version, users get access to more features like unlimited storage so they can store all their designs in one place.

They also get access to a greater selection of templates, photos, illustrations, videos and music. Plus, they get access to advanced design features such as branding kits, grids and multi-page documents.

The biggest difference between the Free and Pro versions of Canva is in terms of features. The Free version has limited features available while the Pro version gives users access to a much wider range of tools and resources. Moreover, the Pro version also provides additional customization options such as grids, branding kits and multi-page documents.

In conclusion, Canva offers an extensive range of tools for both beginners and experienced designers alike. The Free version is great for those just starting out while the Pro version provides more advanced features such as unlimited storage, branding kits and multi-page documents. Ultimately, it all depends on what kind of design projects you are working on and what level of customization you need in order to create stunning visuals quickly and effortlessly.