When Did Figma Release Auto Layout?

Figma released Auto Layout in mid-2020. It was officially announced on the Figma blog in June 2020. Auto Layout is a powerful new feature that enables designers to create complex and responsive designs much faster and easier than before.

Auto Layout helps designers create responsive designs that adjust dynamically to different device sizes, orientation changes and text lengths. With this feature, designers can quickly create complex user interfaces with minimal effort. Designers can also easily customize the layout of their components by setting up constraints such as spacing between elements, size, position and more.

Auto Layout has already been widely adopted by the design community due to its ease of use and convenience. It has been praised for its flexibility when it comes to design decisions, allowing designers to experiment with different ideas without having to recreate their designs from scratch every time they make a change.

Auto Layout also simplifies the process of creating prototypes for user testing purposes. Instead of manually resizing every element on a page, designers can now just set up constraints and let Auto Layout take care of the rest. This saves time in the prototyping process and ensures that each design looks great on any device or screen size.

Overall, Figma’s Auto Layout is an incredibly powerful tool that makes creating complex designs easier than ever before. It has revolutionized how designers work and made the design process more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Conclusion: When Did Figma Release Auto Layout? Figma released Auto Layout in mid-2020, officially announcing it on their blog in June 2020. This feature has made designing much faster and easier than ever before and has quickly become popular among the design community due its ease of use, flexibility, and time-saving capabilities.