Where Is My Figma API Key?

Where Is My Figma API Key?

If you’re a developer and you use the Figma design platform, you may have asked yourself the question, “Where is my Figma API key?”

The answer is that your Figma API key can be found in the settings of your Figma account. Log in to your account and select “Settings” from the left navigation bar. Here you’ll see a section labeled “API Keys,” where you can generate and manage your keys.

Generating an API key gives you access to the Figma API, which allows developers to programmatically access their designs and collaborate with their team members on the platform. With an API key, developers can create custom tools and workflows that enhance their workflow and make it easier to collaborate with other designers.

It’s important to note that it’s best practice to keep your API keys secure as they provide access to potentially sensitive data within your designs. When creating an API key, be sure to give it a descriptive name so that it’s easy for you to identify and keep track of which keys are being used for what purpose. Additionally, if a key is compromised or no longer needed, be sure to revoke it right away.

Using an API key also requires authentication when making requests. You can use either OAuth 2.0 or Personal Access Tokens in order to authenticate yourself when making requests with the Figma API. OAuth 2.0 requires users to consent before granting access, while Personal Access Tokens allow users more granular control over who has access.

Now that you know where your Figma API key is located and how it works, you can take advantage of all the great features available through the Figma API! With an API key, developers can integrate design tools into their workflow or create custom tools that enhance collaboration on their team — all while keeping their data secure.


Figma’s powerful design platform comes with its own set of APIs that allow developers customize workflows and collaborate with team members more efficiently.

To get started using these APIs one must find their own personal Figma API Key which is located in the settings of one’s account by selecting “API Keys.” Generating a key grants access to potentially sensitive data so be sure to give them descriptive names and revoke them when no longer needed for added security measures. With this knowledge one can take advantage of all of the great features available through the Figma API!