Why Does Canva Not Work on iPad?

Canva is one of the most popular graphic design software programs available today. It’s widely used by both amateur and professional designers alike to create stunning visuals for business and personal use. However, it’s not available on the iPad, which can be a bit of a bummer for those who want to use Canva from their iPads.

The main reason why Canva doesn’t work on the iPad is because it requires a computer with an Intel processor to run. Canva is built on Adobe Flash, which requires a powerful processor in order to run optimally. The iPad has an Apple A-series processor, which isn’t powerful enough to run Adobe Flash or Canva.

Another issue is that Canva isn’t optimized for touchscreen devices like the iPad. It was designed with desktop and laptop computers in mind, so its interface and features don’t take advantage of the capabilities of touchscreen devices. This means that it won’t be as easy or intuitive to use on an iPad as it would be on a computer.

Finally, Apple has put strict limitations on what kinds of apps can be installed on their devices. This means that only apps that have been approved by Apple can be installed on an iPad. Unfortunately, Canva hasn’t been approved by Apple yet and therefore isn’t available for installation.


In conclusion, Canva does not work on the iPad because it requires an Intel processor to run properly, isn’t optimized for touchscreen devices like the iPad, and Apple has not yet approved it for installation on their devices.