Why Is Canva Not Good?

Canva is a popular digital design platform used by many people to create graphics, logos, videos, and other digital designs. It is used by millions of people across the world for various purposes such as marketing and advertising, web design, and graphic design. However, despite its popularity, Canva has some drawbacks that can make it difficult to use for certain tasks.

One of the main issues with Canva is its limited features. While it offers a wide range of tools and templates that make it easy to create basic designs quickly, the platform doesn’t offer advanced features such as vector graphics or animation. This means that if you want to create more complex designs or animations, you will need to use other software.

Another issue with Canva is its price. While it’s free to use the basic version of Canva, the Pro version costs $12.95 per month (or $119.40 per year). This makes it one of the most expensive design platforms on the market, especially when compared to other options such as Adobe Photoshop which cost much less and offer a more comprehensive set of features.

Finally, Canva also has some security concerns. Because it stores all user data on its own servers, there have been reports of hackers gaining access to user accounts and stealing sensitive information such as credit card numbers and passwords. This means that users need to be extra careful when using Canva and always make sure their accounts are secure.

Overall, while Canva can be a useful tool for creating basic designs quickly and easily, it has some drawbacks that may make it unsuitable for more complex projects or tasks which require more advanced features or security measures. For these types of tasks, other software may be better suited than Canva.


Given its limited features, high price tag and security concerns; Canva may not be suitable for certain types of projects or tasks which require more advanced features or additional security measures. Therefore why Is Canva Not Good? because in comparison to other software like Adobe Photoshop; it does not offer an extensive set of features at an affordable price point with tight security measures.