Why Is Spread Disabled on Figma Drop Shadow?

Drop shadow is a popular feature found in many image editing software and image manipulation programs, such as Figma. Drop shadows are used to simulate the natural shadows created by the sun and other light sources.

They are often used to add depth and dimension to an image, making it look more realistic and vibrant. However, there are times when drop shadow should be disabled in order to achieve the desired effect.

A drop shadow can be created by adding a layer of darker color pixels on the outside of an object in an image or design. The darker colors block some of the light from reaching the object, creating a shadow effect. This is useful for adding depth to a design, but sometimes it can be too much or hindering the overall design.

In Figma, users have the ability to disable the spread property of a layer’s drop shadow. This means that they can control how far out from its original shape a drop shadow extends. By reducing or disabling this property, designers can create more subtle shadows that don’t overpower their designs.

The spread property also affects how soft or hard a drop shadow appears. Harder shadows create more contrast between elements and may make them stand out more while softer shadows blend into the background better. By disabling spread on a Figma layer’s drop shadow, users can choose which type of effect they want to create with their designs.

Another reason why spread may need to be disabled in Figma is because it can cause pixelated edges when applied to vector shapes and text layers. Disabling spread will help maintain crisp edges on these objects so that they look smooth and professional.


Spread disabled on Figma drop shadow helps designers create subtle yet effective shadows that don’t overpower their designs. It also helps them control how hard or soft their shadows appear as well as maintain crisp edges on vector shapes and text layers. With this feature, designers have greater control over their images and designs, allowing them to produce professional-looking visuals with ease.