Can Figma Open in Sketch?

Figma and Sketch are two of the leading design tools in the world. Both have their own set of features and advantages, but one question that designers often ask is: “Can Figma open in Sketch?” The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Sketch is a proprietary vector graphics editor for macOS developed by Bohemian Coding. It focuses heavily on interface design for Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads.

It also provides a few other features such as prototyping and animation. Figma, on the other hand, is a browser-based interface design platform that allows collaboration between designers and developers in real-time. It has a wide range of features including vector editing tools, responsive layout, version control, and integration with other tools.

The main reason why Figma cannot open in Sketch is because they are two different software programs with different file formats. Sketch files use .sketch format while Figma uses .fig format. This means that it would be impossible to open a Figma file in Sketch without converting it first.

Also, there are many differences between the two programs that make them incompatible with each other. For instance, Sketch is focused more on interface design while Figma has more features for general-purpose design workflows such as prototyping and animation. Also, the user interfaces of both programs differ significantly which can be confusing to users who are used to one program over the other.


In conclusion, it is not possible to open a Figma file in Sketch without converting it first due to their different formats and features which make them incompatible with each other. Therefore if you want to use both programs together you will need to convert your files from one format to another.