Can You Type on a Curve in Figma?

The ability to type on a curve in Figma is a useful tool for designers and developers. With this tool, you can easily add text to curved objects, giving you greater flexibility and creativity in your designs.

The process for typing on a curve in Figma is quite simple. First, create an object with a curved shape. This could be a circle, an arc, or any other shape with curves. Once the object is created, select it and click the Type button in the toolbar. This will open up the Type panel where you can enter your text.

In the Type panel, there are several options that allow you to adjust how your text looks when typed on a curve.

You can choose from various fonts and font sizes, as well as adjust the spacing and alignment of your text. Additionally, you can select different colors for your text or even apply gradients or patterns to it.

Once you are happy with how your text looks on the curve, simply click “Done” in the Type panel and your text will remain curved until further changes are made. If you need to make adjustments later on, simply select the object again and go back into the Type panel to make those changes.


Can You Type On A Curve In Figma? The answer is yes! With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily add curved text to any object in Figma. Whether it’s creating logos or designing websites, typing on a curve opens up new possibilities for design projects of all kinds!