Does Figma Charge Per Team?

Figma is a popular web-based design platform that’s used by many creatives and developers to collaborate on projects. It’s great for prototyping, user interface design, and even animation.

Figma’s popularity is due in part to its affordability — it’s free for individuals and teams of up to three members. But as your team grows, you might be wondering if Figma charges per team?

The answer is both yes and no. If your team size is small (three people or less), then no, Figma does not charge per team.

However, if you have more than three members on your team, then the answer is yes — Figma does charge per team. You can purchase a Team Plan that allows you to add members to your account for a fee. The pricing varies depending on the number of members in your team, but the base rate starts at $15/month/member for teams of four or more members.

What Does the Team Plan Include?
The Team Plan includes access to all of Figma’s features and unlimited file storage space, as well as collaboration tools like real-time commenting and version control. It also includes basic administrator controls such as the ability to add or remove members from the team, set user permissions, and manage billing information.

What About Educational Discounts?
Figma does offer discounts for educational institutions — students can get 50% off an individual plan, while teachers and faculty get 20% off an individual plan. However, these discounts do not apply to teams; there is no discount for Teams Plans at this time.

Conclusion: While Figma does not charge per team for teams of three people or less, it does offer a Team Plan for larger teams that allows them access to all of Figma’s features and collaboration tools. The Team Plan costs $15/month/member for teams of four or more people; however there are no educational discounts available at this time.