Does Figma Have a Dark Mode?

Figma is a popular design software used by many professionals and hobbyists alike. It has a wide selection of tools and features that make it ideal for creating web, mobile, and other user interface designs. One of the features that have been asked about is whether Figma has a dark mode.

Dark mode is a type of color scheme where the background colors are changed to black or dark grays, and the text colors are changed to light grays or white. It’s often used for night-time viewing because it’s easier on the eyes when working in low light environments. Dark mode can also be beneficial for those with high sensitivity to bright colors or light levels.

Unfortunately, Figma currently does not have a native dark mode setting. Some users have implemented their own dark mode settings in their Figma projects by using darker colors in the background and lighter colors for text and other elements. This can be done manually, or by using a plugin such as Darkmode Pro which allows you to quickly switch between light and dark themes in your project.

However, Figma is working on adding an official dark mode to their software, which will make it easier for users to customize the look and feel of their projects.

Figma has stated that they are actively working on adding an official dark mode feature to their software in order to provide more customization options for users. They have also released a public beta version of the feature which allows users to experiment with the new look before its official release.

Overall, Figma does not currently have an official dark mode setting but they are actively working on one that will be available soon.

Yes, Figma does have a dark mode in development but it is not yet available for general use. Users can experiment with unofficial methods such as plugins or manually changing colors until the official version is released by Figma in the near future.