Does Figma Support PSD Files?

Figma is quickly becoming one of the most popular design tools worldwide, and with good reason. It’s powerful, easy to use, and can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems. One of the many features that make Figma so attractive is its ability to open different file types, including PDFs, SVG files, and PSDs.

PSDs (Photoshop Document) are native Adobe Photoshop files, created with the software of the same name. They’re widely used in graphic design due to their support for layers, masks, transparencies, and more. PSDs are also supported by a number of other popular design applications such as Sketch or Affinity Designer.

Figma does indeed support PSD files. When you open a PSD file in Figma it will automatically generate multiple artboards for each layer in your file. This makes it easy to edit the individual elements without having to redo your entire composition from scratch.

In addition to being able to open existing PSD files, Figma also allows you to export your designs as PSDs. This makes it a great choice for designers who need to share their work with clients or colleagues who use Adobe Photoshop. You can also export your designs as PDFs or SVGs if needed.


Yes, Figma does support PSD files – it makes them easy to open and edit in its user-friendly interface. It also allows users to export their designs as PSDs which is useful for sharing with Adobe Photoshop users. Overall Figma is an excellent choice for graphic designers who need an easy way to work with different file types.