How Can I Get Access to Export Figma to React?

With the advancement of technology, web developers are now able to create complex and highly interactive user interfaces. Figma is an example of this type of software, as it allows users to quickly and easily design user interfaces for websites and apps.

However, when it comes to developing those designs in a programming language such as React, developers often find themselves at a loss. Thankfully, there are ways to export Figma designs into React code.

The first step to exporting Figma designs into React code is to install the React-Figma plugin. This plugin allows developers to take their Figma designs and turn them into React components.

Once installed, developers can use the plugin’s visual editor to add components from their Figma designs into their React project. The editor also allows for customizing the look and feel of the components. With just a few clicks, developers can create complex user interfaces in a fraction of the time.

Another way to get access to export Figma designs is through an online converter like CodeSandbox or Applitools. These services allow developers to upload their Figma files and then generate React code from them.

This makes it easy for developers who may not have experience with coding languages such as JavaScript or HTML. All they need to do is upload their design files and let the converter do the rest.

In addition, there are also third-party tools available that allow for exporting Figma designs directly into React projects. These tools make it easy for developers who already have experience coding in JavaScript and HTML but may not have access to a compatible editor such as Visual Studio Code or Atom.


To get access to export Figma designs into React code, developers can use either the React-Figma plugin or an online converter such as CodeSandbox or Applitools. Additionally, there are third-party tools available that make this process easier for those with existing coding experience in JavaScript or HTML.