How Do I Add Material Design Icons to Figma?

Material Design Icons (MDI) have become increasingly popular in web and mobile design, as they offer an easy way to add a touch of style to any project. With Figma, you can add MDI to your design quickly and easily.

Figma provides a range of tools for adding icons, including the standard icon library, but it also has an MDI library for those who want to use Material Design Icons. To access the library, simply click the ‘Libraries’ tab in the left-hand sidebar and select ‘Material Design Icons’ from the drop-down menu. You will then be presented with a selection of icons in different categories.

Once you’ve chosen an icon, you can drag and drop it into your Figma design. It will appear as a vector object which you can easily resize and customize according to your needs. You can also change its color by selecting it in the layers panel and using the color picker tool.

To make sure that your icon looks consistent with other elements in your design, you may want to apply a few styling options. This can be done by selecting the icon in the layers panel and then clicking on ‘Styles’ in the top toolbar. Here, you can choose from various presets such as colors, shadows, outlines and more.

Finally, if you want to save time when working with Material Design Icons in Figma, you can create custom styles for each icon that you use frequently. To do this, simply select an icon from the MDI library and click on ‘Create new style’ under the Styles tab. This will allow you to quickly apply pre-defined styling options whenever you need them without having to manually adjust each element every time.

In conclusion, adding Material Design Icons to Figma is easy and straightforward thanks to its dedicated MDI library. Once added, they can be resized and customized according to your preferences using the various styling options available in Figma.

Additionally, if desired, custom styles can be created for frequently used icons so that they are applied automatically whenever needed – saving time and effort when designing with MDI in Figma! In summary, adding Material Design Icons (MDI) to Figma is simple process that involves accessing the MDI Library from within Figma’s Libraries Tab where icons of varying categories can be dragged-and-dropped into designs; resizing them; changing their colors; applying styling; and creating custom styles for frequently used icons that are applied automatically upon selection – making this process fast and efficient!