How Do I Add Resources to Figma?

Figma is a powerful design platform, allowing users to easily create user interfaces, collaborate on designs and prototypes, and share their work with others. One of the key features of Figma is its extensive library of resources. Resources can be added to Figma to help designers create high-quality designs faster.

There are two ways to add resources to Figma: by using the built-in resource library or by uploading your own resources. In the resource library, users can access a wide range of free resources such as icons, illustrations, UI kits, and more.

To use the library, open the File Browser panel on the left side of the canvas and select Resource Library from the dropdown menu. From there you can browse through various categories and download your desired resources.

Alternatively, users can upload their own resources directly into Figma. To do this first select File > Add Resources from the toolbar at the top of the canvas.

Then choose from either Upload Resource or Link Resource depending on what type of resource you want to add. Uploading a file will allow you to upload an image or vector graphic directly into Figma while linking a resource will allow you to link to an external file or website URL. When adding a linked resource make sure that it is either publicly accessible or that you have permission to share it with others.

Once your resource has been uploaded or linked it will appear in your project’s Assets panel along with any other uploaded assets in your project. Here you can view details about each asset such as its name, size, type and source as well as rename it if needed. You can also drag assets directly onto the canvas where they will be automatically added as an image layer ready for use in your designs.

Conclusion: Adding resources to Figma is easy and straightforward thanks to its built-in resource library and ability to upload/link custom assets directly into projects. With these tools at hand, designers have all they need for creating stunning user interfaces quickly and efficiently!