How Do I Copy a Design System in Figma?

Design systems are a great way to ensure that a product looks and feels uniform across all its different platforms. A design system is basically a collection of components, patterns, and guidelines that help create a consistent product experience. Having a design system in place helps to reduce the amount of time spent on creating individual designs for each platform, as well as ensuring that all the elements in the product look unified.

Figma is one of the most popular tools for creating design systems. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows users to create digital designs quickly and efficiently.

With Figma, users can create user interfaces, websites, apps, and more with ease. It also includes tools for creating components such as buttons, icons, and more. Furthermore, it also has features for sharing designs with others and making them collaborative.

Copying a design system from Figma is relatively simple. First off, the user must open up their Figma project and select the “Design System” option from the left-hand side panel. This will open up all of the components that are part of the design system.

Then, they can copy any element they would like to duplicate by selecting it and pressing “Ctrl + C” or “Cmd + C”. Once they have copied the element they want to duplicate, they can then paste it into their project by pressing “Ctrl + V” or “Cmd + V”. This will create an exact copy of the element they had previously copied so that they can customize it however they want.

It’s important to note that when copying elements from one project to another in Figma there may be some differences in formatting or styling due to how different projects are set up.

In addition to copying elements within Figma itself, users can also copy entire design systems from other projects into their own projects. All they need to do is go into another project with a design system already created and switch over to their own project using “File > Open Project”. Then they can select which components from the other project’s design system they would like to transfer over by selecting them in bulk or one at a time and pressing “Ctrl + C” or “Cmd + C”, followed by pasting them into their own project by pressing “Ctrl + V” or “Cmd + V”.

Copying a design system in Figma is an easy way to save time when creating products with multiple platforms without having to recreate everything from scratch every time you need something new. With just a few simple steps you can have your own custom made design system ready for use in any product you’re working on.


The process of copying a design system in Figma is straightforward and easy to understand; all you need do is open up your desired project, select which elements you’d like to copy over from another project (or within your current project), press Ctrl/Cmd+C followed by Ctrl/Cmd+V – et voila! You have now successfully copied over your desired components into your own custom designed system – saving you both time and effort!