How Do You Fill Color in Canva Rectangle?

Using Canva to fill a rectangle with color is a great way to create stunning designs. With Canva’s intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily add color to any rectangle on your canvas. It’s as easy as following these simple steps.

1. Select the Rectangle Shape
To begin, select the Rectangle shape from the left sidebar.

You can also click on the ‘Shapes’ tab at the top of your screen and select ‘Rectangle’ from the drop-down list. This will insert a basic shape into your canvas.

2. Adjusting Size and Position
Once you have selected the shape, you can adjust its size and position by dragging and dropping it around your canvas. You can also adjust its size by clicking on one of its corners and dragging in or outwards until it reaches your desired size.

3. Adding Color

Now it’s time to add color!

To do this, click on the ‘Fill’ tab at the top of your screen and select a color from the available options or type in a hexadecimal code if you have one ready to go. You’ll see that your rectangle has been filled with that color right away!

4. Applying Effects

You can give your rectangle some extra flair by applying effects like blurring, shading, or drop shadows using Canva’s Effects Panel on the right side of your screen. Simply choose an effect from the list and customize its settings until it looks just right for your design.

Creating beautiful designs with Canva is straightforward thanks to its easy-to-use features like adding colors to rectangles! With just a few clicks, you can quickly fill any rectangle with whatever color you choose for stunning results.


Adding colors to rectangles in Canva is very simple! Just select the Rectangle shape from the left sidebar, adjust its size and position as needed, click on the ‘Fill’ tab at the top of your screen to select a color or enter a hex code, then apply effects from Canva’s Effects Panel if desired for even more creative control.