How Do I Copy a Prototype From One Page to Another in Figma?

Copying a prototype from one page to another in Figma is an important skill to master. With Figma, you can quickly and easily create multiple prototypes that share the same style and functionality.

This allows you to quickly iterate on designs and prototype ideas without having to recreate the entire page each time. However, copying a prototype from one page to another in Figma can be confusing for some users.

To copy your prototype from one page to another, first select the frame that contains your prototype elements. Next, click ‘Duplicate’ in the toolbar or use the shortcut key ‘CMD+D’ on a Mac or ‘CTRL+D’ on Windows.

This will create an exact copy of your frame which you can then move to any other page. You also have the option of selecting ‘Duplicate with Link’ which will allow any changes made to the original frame in one place to be reflected across all linked copies.

You can also copy individual elements within your prototype. To do this, simply select all of the elements you wish to copy and use either ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Duplicate with Link’ as mentioned before. This way, you don’t have to copy an entire frame but just duplicate individual elements instead.

If you wish to change an element’s style across multiple pages:

You can easily change an element’s style across multiple pages by creating a Style Component. To do this, open up the Style Panel located in the top right corner of Figma.

Select all of the elements that share similar styles and click ‘Create Component’. This will create a style component out of those selected elements which can then be applied across multiple pages with a single click.

These are just some tips and tricks on how to copy a prototype from one page to another in Figma. With practice, this process becomes easier and faster over time as you become more familiar with using Figma’s various tools and features.


In conclusion, copying a prototype from one page to another in Figma is not difficult once you understand how it works. Using shortcuts such as ‘Duplicate’ or ‘Duplicate with Link’ allows for quick duplication of frames or individual elements respectively. Additionally, creating Style Components allows for easy styling changes across multiple pages at once.