How Do I Edit a Shared Template in Canva?

Editing a shared template in Canva can be both easy and difficult. Depending on the design, it could take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours to make the changes you need. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to edit shared templates in Canva, then read on for some tips and tricks.

Step 1: Access the Template

The first step is to access the template you want to edit. Go to Canva’s homepage and search for the template by name or type of design. Once you’ve found it, click on it and select “Make a Copy” so that you don’t interfere with someone else’s work.

Step 2: Customize Your Design

Once your copy of the template has been created, you’ll be taken to the editor where you can customize your design. You can add text, images, shapes, and more to create a unique look that fits your needs. You can also adjust the size of elements, move them around on the canvas, or delete any elements that are unnecessary.

Step 3: Save Changes

When you’re happy with your design, make sure to save any changes before exiting out of Canva. This ensures that all of your edits are saved so that they won’t be lost if something happens while you’re working on it.

Step 4: Share With Others

When all of your changes have been made and saved, it’s time to share your edited template with others who may need it. You can do this by clicking on “Share” at the top of the page and entering in their email address or other contact information so they can access your work.

Conclusion: Editing a shared template in Canva is a great way to quickly customize designs without having to start from scratch each time. Following these steps will help ensure that all of your changes are saved and easily shared with others who may need them as well!