How Do I Export a Prototype From Figma to Video?

Exporting a Figma prototype to a video is a great way to share your work with others, especially if you don’t have access to the same software. It’s also an easy way to create presentation material.

Fortunately, Figma has an easy-to-use tool that allows you to export your prototypes into a video format. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Your Prototype in Figma. The first step is to open your prototype in Figma.

You can either open it from the File menu, or you can use the shortcut Ctrl+O (Windows) or Command+O (Mac). Once your prototype is open, you’ll be able to see all of its components and layers.

Step 2: Select Export Video. Next, select Export Video from the File menu.

This will open up a dialog box where you can set some options for the video. You can choose the resolution of the video, as well as other settings such as frame rate and output format.

Step 3: Choose Your Export Settings. Once you’ve chosen your desired settings, click the Export button at the bottom of the dialog box.

This will start the export process and save your video file to your computer. You may be prompted for additional information depending on what type of file format you chose.

Step 4: Share Your Video File. Finally, once your video is exported, it’s ready for sharing! You can upload it directly to YouTube or other websites, or just share it directly with friends and colleagues via email or social media platforms.

Conclusion: Exporting a Figma prototype into a video file is quick and easy using Figma’s built-in Export Video tool. All you need to do is open up your prototype in Figma, select Export Video from the File menu, choose your desired settings, and click export – then you’re ready to share!