How Do I Make Text Circular in Figma?

The best way to make text circular in Figma is to use the shape tools. Figma has a few different shapes you can use to make circles, including ellipses, rectangles, and polygons. With each of these shapes you can adjust the radius, stroke width, and color. To make a perfect circle in Figma you can use the ellipse tool.

Once you have selected the ellipse tool draw a circle on the canvas. Then select your text tool and click within your circle to add your desired text. Now, with your text selected go to the properties panel on the right side of your screen and select ‘Edit Text’. This will open up a new window with some additional options for editing your text such as font size and alignment. You can also adjust the font style to make it bold or italicized by using the ‘B’ and ‘I’ buttons at the top of this window.

To style your text in HTML use <b> for bold, <u> for underline, and


for paragraph tags. For example if you wanted to emphasize certain words or phrases within a sentence then you would use <b>, if you wanted a line underneath certain words within a sentence then you would use <u>, and if you wanted to add an extra line break then you would use


. By combining these HTML tags with Figma’s shape tools it is possible to create circular text that looks great on any device.

In conclusion, making circular text in Figma is not difficult but requires some practice with the various shape tools available. Once comfortable with creating circles using these tools styling them using HTML tags such as <b>, <u>, and

< p &gt ; makes it easy to create visually pleasing text for any project.

Conclusion: Creating circular text in Figma requires familiarity with its shape tools such as ellipses, rectangles, and polygons along with HTML tags such as ,,and

. With practice it is possible to create visually appealing circular texts that are perfect for any project!