How Do I Transfer My Figma to Shopify?

Figma is a powerful design tool for creating web and mobile user interfaces. It has revolutionized the way designers collaborate on projects and quickly iterate on design ideas.

However, it can be difficult to transfer those designs from Figma to Shopify, especially if you are unfamiliar with Shopify’s coding language and platform. Fortunately, there are several methods that can make the transition easier.

1. Exportable HTML/CSS: Figma provides an exportable HTML/CSS option that allows you to export your designs as HTML, CSS and image files.

This is the simplest way to transfer your designs to Shopify, as the code can be easily imported into the platform. You may need to make some slight modifications in order to ensure that your design works correctly on Shopify.

2. Third-Party Apps: There are also a number of third-party apps available that allow you to easily transfer your Figma designs directly into Shopify.

These apps are designed specifically for this purpose, so they will usually provide step-by-step instructions for how to complete the transfer. Some of these apps even offer additional features such as custom code generation or pre-built themes.

3. Manual Coding: If you want complete control over how your design looks and functions on Shopify, then manual coding is the way to go.

This involves taking the code from Figma and manually writing it into Shopify’s Liquid template language. It is a time-consuming process but gives you total control over how your design looks and functions in Shopify.


Transitioning your Figma design into Shopify doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and knowledge, transferring your Figma design into Shopify can be done quickly and easily with minimal effort required. Whether you choose to use an exportable HTML/CSS option, third-party app or manual coding method, you will be able to get your design up and running in no time.