How Do I Use Artboard Studio Plugin in Figma?

The Artboard Studio plugin in Figma is one of the most powerful tools in the design software. It provides a range of features that make creating and designing artboards faster and easier than ever before.

The plugin enables users to create artboards with custom shapes, sizes and colors, as well as adding custom text, images and other elements to their designs. With the help of this plugin, designers can quickly create a wide variety of artboards for anything from web pages to mobile apps.

To use Artboard Studio in Figma, first you need to install it from the Figma Plugin Store. After installation, you can access the plugin from the left panel and open up the main window where all its features are located.

You can then start creating your artboards by selecting a template or creating one from scratch. The templates provided by Artboard Studio cover a wide range of design categories such as wireframes, illustrations, icons and more.

Once you’ve settled on a template or created your own, you can begin customizing it with shapes, colors and other elements. You can also use Figma’s powerful vector tools to draw shapes, modify existing ones or add text or images to your artboard. Additionally, you’ll be able to adjust size and position of each element on your artboard with precision.

Once your artboard is complete, you can save it for future use or export it in various formats for use in other design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch. You’ll also be able to share your artboard directly from Figma with colleagues or clients for review.


The Artboard Studio plugin for Figma provides an intuitive way for designers to create beautiful artwork that stands out from the crowd. Its wide range of features makes it easy to customize each element on your design while giving users full control over size and positioning. With this tool at hand, anyone can quickly create stunning designs with ease.