How Do You Make a Clickable Prototype in Figma?

Making a clickable prototype in Figma is a great way to quickly create and share an interactive, digital design. It gives designers the opportunity to share their ideas, get feedback, and iterate on a design before any code is written. Plus, it’s easy to use and saves time since you don’t need to write any code to make your prototype clickable.

Create a Prototype – The first step is to create the prototype. Open up Figma and create a new file.

From there you can drag and drop elements from the left-hand side of the screen or use the text tool to begin creating your design. You can also upload images or use Figma’s built-in shapes and icons for more complex designs.

Link Pages Together – Once your design is complete, it’s time to link pages together so that you can have an interactive experience when the user clicks. To do this, select one element on your page that you want to link elsewhere in the prototype. Right click that element, then select “Link” from the menu, which will open up a new window.

Preview Your Prototype – Once all of your pages are linked together, it’s time to preview your prototype! Preview mode allows you to navigate through your project as if it were live on the web or in an app store. To view it in preview mode, simply click on “Preview” in the top bar of Figma.

Test Your Prototype – Now that you have previewed how your prototype looks and behaves, it’s time to test it out! Invite friends or colleagues to view and interact with your prototype by sharing a link or providing access codes. You can also export an APK (Android application package) or IPA (iOS application package) file so that users can install and test out the app on their own devices.

Making a clickable prototype in Figma is an easy way for designers to quickly create an interactive experience without writing any code. With just a few simple steps, you can create a digital design that others can interact with and test out before committing any code.


Creating a clickable prototype in Figma is straightforward for designers who want to quickly share their ideas without having to write any code. All it takes is creating pages with elements from the left-hand side of the screen or using text tools before linking them together with “Link” from right-clicking menu options, testing them out by inviting other users through links or access codes, and then viewing them in preview mode for better understanding of what they would look like live on web or app stores.