How Do You Put a Picture on Top of Another in Canva?

Are you looking to create a visually appealing design using multiple images? With Canva, it’s easy to combine multiple images into one design.

Whether you’re creating a poster, flyer or other design project, you can layer images on top of each other to create the perfect look. Here’s how to put a picture on top of another in Canva:

1. Open your project in Canva
First, open your project in Canva and select the page size that you want. You can also choose from a variety of pre-made templates.

2. Upload your images
Now upload your images into the design. To do this, click on the “Uploads” tab at the top left of your screen and select the image you want to use from your computer or from one of Canva’s stock image options.

3. Place your images
Once uploaded, drag and drop each image onto the canvas. Resize them if necessary using the handlebars around each image or by manually entering dimensions in pixels at the top left of each image.

4. Layer your images

Finally, it’s time to layer your images on top of each other!

To do this, simply click and drag an image above or below another image until you get the desired effect. You can also adjust the opacity of an image to make it transparent so that elements from both pictures are visible underneath it.


Putting a picture on top of another in Canva is easy and straightforward with its intuitive user interface – all you need to do is upload both pictures into Canva and layer them on top of each other by dragging and dropping them until they’re positioned correctly! You can also adjust their opacity levels for added flexibility when combining multiple pictures into one design!