How Expensive Is Figma?

Figma is an incredibly powerful cloud-based design platform used by designers and engineers. It’s packed with features for creating high-fidelity designs, prototypes, and collaboration tools. But, how expensive is Figma?

Pricing Plans

Figma offers three pricing plans: Free, Professional, and Organization. The Free plan is great for individuals who just want to try out the platform or small teams who don’t need the extra features of a paid plan.

The Professional plan is designed for teams who need access to advanced features such as version control, collaboration tools, and more. Finally, the Organization plan provides enterprise-level features and support.


Figma’s Professional and Organization plans include many great features that can help teams work efficiently together. Version control allows for teams to keep track of changes made to designs over time, while collaboration tools make it easy for designers to leave comments on each other’s work.

Customizable design libraries allow teams to store components in a single place that can be accessed by all members of the team. Additionally, Figma also offers integrations with popular services such as Slack and Dropbox.


The cost of Figma depends on which pricing plan you choose. The Free plan is free, while the Professional plan costs $12/month per user (when billed annually).

The Organization plan costs $45/month per user (when billed annually). Additionally, if you require more users than are included in your plan’s quota you will be charged extra per user per month.

In conclusion, Figma’s pricing plans are competitively priced compared to similar design platforms on the market and offer some great features for teams looking to collaborate efficiently on design projects together. Depending on the size of your team and what features you need access to, Figma can be an affordable choice for any budget.