Is Figma Compatible With M1 Chip?

Figma Compatible with M1 Chip

The M1 chip is the newest and most powerful chip from Apple, and it is being used in the latest Macs. But what about design software like Figma?

Is it compatible with the M1 chip? The answer is yes!

Figma has announced that it is now compatible with the new M1 chip, which means that designers can use their new Macs to create beautiful designs with Figma’s powerful tools. With the new chip, Figma can take advantage of its speed and processing power to give users an even better experience when designing.

The M1 chip also offers enhanced performance compared to its predecessors, making tasks like exporting and rendering faster than ever before. This means that designers can work faster and more efficiently on their projects. Plus, the software will be able to utilize the improved graphics capabilities of the new Macs for more detailed visuals.

Figma’s compatibility with the M1 chip also brings some exciting features for users. For example, Figma now supports Dark Mode on Macs running macOS Big Sur 11.2 or higher.

This feature helps reduce eye strain when working late into the night by automatically switching between light and dark themes based on your environment. Additionally, users can expect even better performance from Figma’s Remote Preview feature as it takes advantage of Apple’s Remote Access technology to view designs on other devices while still using their main machine for design work.

Overall, Figma has done a great job in making sure their software is compatible with Apple’s latest hardware advancements in order to give users a better experience when designing on Macs. With its powerful tools and improved performance, there’s no doubt that designers will be able to create amazing projects with ease using Figma on their new Macs powered by the M1 chip.

In conclusion, yes – Figma is compatible with Apple’s new M1 chips! This means that designers can take advantage of improved performance and features when creating projects on their new Macs running this powerful processor from Apple. With its robust tools and Dark Mode support, there’s no doubt that designers will be able to create beautiful designs quickly and easily with Figma on these machines.