What Is the Difference Between Canva Pro and Free?

Canva Pro and Canva Free are both popular graphic designing tools with a variety of features. Whether you are a professional graphic designer or a hobbyist looking to create stunning visuals, Canva Pro and Free have you covered. But what is the difference between these two services?

The most obvious difference is that Canva Pro is a subscription-based service while Canva Free can be used without having to pay anything. While Canva Free has features such as thousands of templates, photo editing tools, and the ability to upload your own images, it doesn’t have access to all of the features available with the subscription version.

Canva Pro provides users access to additional features such as unlimited storage for photos and designs, access to over 60 million images and graphics from Getty Images, 2GB of cloud storage for videos, and access to fonts from Adobe Typekit. It also has an advanced color palette which allows users to easily create custom color palettes for their projects.

Another difference between Canva Pro and Free is that Pro offers collaboration tools that allow users to collaborate with colleagues on projects. This allows teams to work together in real-time on projects such as presentations or social media campaigns. The collaboration tools also let teams review changes made by other users before publishing.

In conclusion, there are several differences between Canva Pro and Free that make one service better suited than the other depending on your needs. If you’re looking for more features or need collaboration tools then Canva Pro would be the better choice, while if you simply need basic graphic design capabilities then Canva Free will likely suffice.