How Do I Add Moving Elements in Canva?

Adding moving elements to your designs in Canva can really bring them to life. You can create animations and add motion graphics to your works of art, making them stand out and grab attention. It’s easy to do, too – all you need is the Canva Pro subscription and you’re ready to animate!

When you open up your Canva design, click on the “Animations” tab in the left-hand side panel. Here, you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of animations that are already available – from simple fades and wipes, to more advanced 3D animations. If you don’t find something that suits your needs here, you can also upload your own custom animation files.

Once you’ve chosen an animation for your design element, simply drag it onto the canvas. You can then customize it with a few simple settings – adjust the speed of the animation, set a delay before it begins playing, and even choose whether or not it should loop.

Adding Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are another great way to bring energy and movement into your Canva designs.

These are usually short video clips or GIFs that loop continuously. To add motion graphics in Canva, first click on “Graphics” in the left-hand side panel.

Then select from one of the motion graphic categories such as “Backgrounds,” “Transitions,” or “Overlays.” From there, choose an element that fits with your design and drag it onto the canvas. You can then resize it or adjust its opacity until you have just the effect you’re looking for.

Adding moving elements in Canva is easy with the right tools and resources. With Canva Pro’s Animations tab, you can easily add animated elements such as fades and wipes to your designs. You can also upload custom animation files or add motion graphics like video clips or GIFs.