How Do You Do Gaussian Blur in Figma?

Gaussian Blur is a popular effect used in photo and design editing that gives the image a slightly blurred look. The technique is named after German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who developed the mathematical formula on which the effect is based. In Figma, Gaussian Blur can be applied to shapes and images to give them a more polished and professional look.

To apply Gaussian Blur in Figma, first select the object you want to blur. This could be a shape, group of shapes, or an image.

Then click on the “Effects” tab in the Properties panel on the right side of the canvas. Here you will find a dropdown menu with several different effects, including Gaussian Blur. Select it, and then adjust the slider to change the intensity of the effect.

If you want to apply Gaussian Blur to an image rather than a shape, you will need to first make sure that it has been added as an image layer rather than just as an object within your canvas. To do this, select your image, then click “Layer” in the Properties panel and select “Image Layer” from the dropdown menu. Once this is done, follow the steps above for applying Gaussian Blur to shapes.

Advanced Settings: You can further customize your Gaussian Blur by opening up its advanced settings. To do this, simply click on “Advanced” in the Effects tab of your Properties panel after selecting Gaussian Blur from the list of effects.

Here you can adjust various parameters such as Radius (the intensity of blur), Opacity (how visible or transparent it appears), Angle (the direction of blur) and so on. You can also tweak other parameters such as Spread which affects how much blur is applied outside of your object’s edges.

By using these advanced settings you can fine-tune your Gaussian Blur effect until it looks just right for your project.

In conclusion, applying Gaussian Blur in Figma is relatively easy once you understand how it works and what options are available for customizing its appearance. With some practice and experimentation with its advanced settings you can create some professional-looking effects for any type of project.

Gaussian Blur is an effective way to add visual interest to any design project in Figma. Applying it is simple once you understand how it works and what options are available for customizing its appearance through its advanced settings. With practice and experimentation you can use this powerful tool to create professional looking results!