What Is Figma and Zeplin?

Figma and Zeplin are two powerful applications used for creating user interfaces and prototypes. They are both web-based, meaning they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Both applications enable designers to collaborate on projects, share assets and get feedback from stakeholders.

Figma is a design platform that allows teams to create, prototype and share designs quickly and easily. It has a wide array of features such as vector editing, version control, real-time collaboration, and integration with popular tools like Slack and Github. It also provides a comprehensive library of components that make it easier to create consistent designs across multiple projects.

Zeplin is a collaboration tool that makes it easy to give feedback on design projects. It enables teams to export assets from Figma into Zeplin so that developers can access these resources without having to manually export them themselves. This makes it easier for developers to understand the design intent behind the project and implement it quickly and accurately.

Both Figma and Zeplin have become essential tools for product teams since their launch in 2015 and 2016 respectively. They offer an efficient way of creating high-quality user interfaces while allowing designers to collaborate with stakeholders during the process. In addition, they are both free to use which makes them even more attractive for small businesses or individuals who don’t have much budget for buying expensive software licenses.

Figma is a great tool for designing user interfaces while Zeplin helps teams provide feedback on those designs which makes them both essential elements in any product development process. With their intuitive interfaces, robust feature sets, free availability, and integration with other popular tools, Figma and Zeplin are two must-have applications for any designer or development team looking to create great products quickly and efficiently.


What Is Figma And Zeplin? Figma is a web-based design platform that enables teams to create, prototype, collaborate on projects in real time while Zeplin is a collaboration tool that allows developers to access assets quickly with ease so they can understand the design intent behind each project more easily.